Other Window Covering Options


From soft window treatments to a variation of blinds, Coastal Breezz offers several other window covering options for your home or business. See some examples below, and if you have any questions about availability or styles offered, give us a call or contact us.

Soft Window Treatments

Soft Window Treatments

The definition of a soft window treatment is pretty simple: any window covering that is made from soft materials, such as fabrics or textiles. There are several style of soft treatments, of which the most common are:

  • Curtains or draperies: From lightly colored and flowing draperies to dim the sunlight and add a sophisticated look to your home, to blackout curtains which act to block the light and serve as an acoustic controller, curtains are among the most common soft window treatments.
  • Window Valances, or top window treatments: These soft coverings add a style to your other window treatments, or can be used in a stand alone application, especially in areas with minimal light concerns.  Materials used to make a valance vary, but are commonly made from silk, faux silk, poly/cotton, linen, satin, velvet and polyester.

Coastal Breezz also offers side panel and cornice board window treatments to add to that special look of your home.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

Coastal Breezz offers a variety of custom ordered blinds for your window covering options. Our offering of blinds include:

  • Blinds
  • Faux Wood Blinds
  • Metal Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Horizontal Blinds

If there is a particular style  of blinds you are interested in, please do contact us for availability.