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Solar Shades

A popular option to address the intense sun here in Florida is the solar screen shade. This window covering provides wonderful sun shading and reduces heat flow into the home, all while keeping the view to the outside – water or city. Various opacities, called “openness factors” range from 3% – 15% are available, along with color and patterns to complement residential or commercial applications.

Motorized operation has become the lift system of choice for larger size shades as they can become weighty in covering large windows. Standard clutch systems with cord loop operation are durable and easy to use, as well, when coupled with spring-assist mechanisms. Protecting your furnishings and keeping energy costs low are just 2 advantages of the solar screen shade.

Woven Woods Shades

Woven Woods are generally made from yarn woven with natural materials such as wood, reeds, grasses, or bamboo. These shades are versatile and are raised and lowered with a cord lock system, a clutch chain loop, or even a hidden-string system for safety and aesthetics. Perfect for a sliding door application, the vertical panel fold woven wood is unique, durable, and so simple to operate.

Edge trims are often added for a designer look and back liners can be added to most woven wood shades for privacy and light-control customization. Remember, these are made of natural products and can fade and even change in color over time, which adds to the natural appeal of this type of shade.

Cellular Honeycomb shades

Cellular Shades

Honeycomb, also known as Cellular Shades, are a great option for all size windows — small to very large. This shade type is made from a combination of multiple sheets of polyester fabric and can be applied horizontally or even vertically, a great option for sliding door applications.

With light filtering and insulation variations based on the single, double, triple, or blackout design, cellular shades offer flexible design options and super energy efficiency that many Florida homeowners will appreciate.

Roman Shades Raised

Roman Shades

Roman Shades are a window covering, made from fabric, natural material, or even solar screen fabric that can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame. When they are raised, the shade folds in an accordion style. Although most Roman Shades utilize a cord lock lift system, hidden-string options are now available, in addition to cord loop systems for large shades.

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