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Sliding Door Shutters

Sliding Door

Use plantation style shutters to create an exceptional look and access to your home. These beautiful shutters not only give you a tremendous light control, they also provide your home with the privacy you deserve.

Standard Shutters

For that classic and easy to install shutter, we have your selection that will match the coastal look and style you have desired for your home. Although less extravagant than other shutter coverings, standard shutters still provide the security, privacy, and light control you deserve.

Standard Shutters include a basic and simple to install shutter designs.

Arched Window After

Specialty Shapes

No matter the shape of your window, we have the ability to design and install specially made shutters that will deliver the same distinguished look you have been looking for.

Arched, triangle, circular, angles, and half-moon are just a small sample of different types of specialty windows created by builders today. Coastal Breezz has the experience and expertise to design and install specialty shaped shutters that will match your unique home design.

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